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Some New Representations for Solutions of Two Kinds of Tensor Equations(PDF)


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Some New Representations for Solutions of Two Kinds of Tensor Equations
Dui Guansuo
School of Sciences,NUST,Nanjing2 10 0 94
cont inuum mechanics tenso r analysis principal ax is
In this paper , for tensor equat io n AX + XA = Q, w hen Q is the skew - symmet ric tenso r, a simpler so lut ion w hich is in the symmetr ic form w ith respect to Q and low er powers of A and Q is derived. When Q is the symmetr ic of arbit raty tenso r, the so lut ions to tensor equat ion are deriv ed, in w hich w e do not need to calculate considerable compl icated coeff icient s and higher pow ers of A and Q, Fo r tensor equatio n AX- XA= C, a so lut ion w ithout considerable complicated coeff icient s and complicated form is derived. Finally the appl icatio ns of tw o kinds of tensor equat ions are g iven in determinat ions of rotat ion axis and Lag rang e spin.


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