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Azide Recovery from Wastewater of Primary Explosive Using Gas Filled Membrane Absorption Technology(PDF)


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Azide Recovery from Wastewater of Primary Explosive Using Gas Filled Membrane Absorption Technology
Shen Zhisong Chen Jie ① Wang Naixiang ①
Jiangsu Institute of Microbiology,Wuxi214063
¹ School of Chemical Eng ineering, NU ST , Nanjing 210094
gas membrane azide recovery w astew ater t reatment
The basic theory of Gas Filled Membrane Absorpt ion Technology ( GFMAT) is introduced briefly in this paper. The influence of operat ion parameters, such as pH concent rat ion, velocity and temperature on the mass t ransfer coef ficient is discussed in detail for the recovery of azide from w astew ater of primary ex plosive. It is show n in research: With the increasing of acidity of feed solut ion, the mass t ransfer coefficient increases correspondingly among experimental range. With the increasing of concent rat ion of feed solut ion, the mass t ransfer coeff-i cient is slight ly decreased. The mass transfer coef ficient is direct ly proportional to the cube root of feed velocity . The logarithm of the mass transfer coef ficient varies linearly with the reciprocal of absolute temperature of feed solution. Azide recovery can be effect ively made by rat ional operet ion parameters. T he new technology has many advantages, such as high recovery ef ficiency, low energy consumpt ion, no secondary pollut ion and convenient operation. GFMAT opens up a g ood prospect for the recovery of azide f rom w astew ater.


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