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The Analysis of Flow Field at the Staircase Door in the High rise Building When Firing(PDF)


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The Analysis of Flow Field at the Staircase Door in the High rise Building When Firing
Wang Dongfang He Jiapeng Shi Qingsheng
Nanjing Architectural and Civil Engineering Institute,Nanjing210009
air curtains flow fields f low lines potent ial f low prevent ing-smoke
The purpose of smokeproof design for high-rise building is to prevent harm f rom smoke and to cont rol smoke-dif fusing. The effect ive smoke-prevent ing installat ion should have the funct ions such as absolute smoke insulat ion, going into and coming off the smoke-prevent ing place f reely, no conf inement of sight. T hrough analyzing smoke-flow f ield theoret ically, it is discussed that the effect of air flow on a hig h-rise building is a result of gas ex pansion by the temperature, the chimney effect , the outdoor w ind pow er and the vent ilation and air-conditioning system when firing. The f low field at the staircase door is theoret ically found. The w ay in w hich the diffusion of smoke is cont rolled is adv anced according to the principle of f low line-flow rate and based on the previous experimental researches by others, the calculat ion method for the smoke-prevent ing air curtain is infered in this paper.


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