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Application of Hanning Low pass Filter for the Measurement of Non straightness of Straight Tube with PSD(PDF)


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Application of Hanning Low pass Filter for the Measurement of Non straightness of Straight Tube with PSD
Yuan Hongxing Wang Zhixing Li Zhenghua He Anzhi
School of Sciences,NUST,Nanjing210094
posit ion sensit ive detector non-st raightness spectrum analysis hanning lowpass filter noise
A novel method for measuring the non-st raightness of straight tube w ith PSD is briefly introduced in this paper. The f requency spectrum is used to analyze theoret ical nonst raightness model and experimental data . Herefrom, the characterist ic of main-occupancy of low-f requency is concluded. In order to filter the high-f requency noise, Hanning Low-pass Fi-l ter is ut ilized to overcome the dif ficulty in filtering hig h-frequency noise of space domain sig nal such as the non-straig htness of st raight tube with elect ronic filter.


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