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q -Uniformly Convex Metric Space and Its Application(PDF)


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q -Uniformly Convex Metric Space and Its Application
Shi Chuan
School of Sciences,NUST,Nanjing210094
systems eng ineering cont rol theory engineering mechanics f luid mechanics met ric space
This paper put forw ard a concept of a class new convex met ric space, studied the relat ion betw een this space and Banach, Hardy, Sobelev, etc. space. A necessary and suf ficient condit ion w as gievn for a Banach space of this class convex metric space. It w as proved that H p , H r , p , L g, p spaces are all of this class convex met ric spaces when 1< p < +∞, g = max ( 2, p ) and r > 0. T his class convex metric space, w hich is just a new concept , may f ind its applicat ions in many reasarch areas such as system eng ineering , cont rol theory, eng ineering mechanics, fluid mechanics, etc. Moreover, a study of a class fixed point theorems is made in this space, these theorems extended the corresponding recent results.


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