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Bounds of the Solution in Delta Domain Lyapunov Matrices Equation(PDF)


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Bounds of the Solution in Delta Domain Lyapunov Matrices Equation
ShaoXijun Yang
School of Power Engineering,NUST,Nanjing 210094
sampled systems discrete systems mean value
It is very important to apply Lyapunov mat rices equat ion in cont rol theory. In this paper, w e ut ilize the Delta operator w hich has better numerical characters to present the Delta domain Lyapunov mat rices equation. T here is no obvious relat ionship between cont inuous and discrete Lyapunov matrices equat ion w hen the sampled period trends to zero by using t rad-i t ional method. Some bounds for the mean values, the eig envalues and the determinant of the unif ied Ly apunov matrices equation are obtained, an illust rat ion is also given to verify the validity of the calculat ing formulae w e present.


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