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Analysis of the Discharge Process in Electrothermal Light Gas Gun(PDF)


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Analysis of the Discharge Process in Electrothermal Light Gas Gun
DaiRong LiBaoming
Ballistic Research Laboratory,NUST,Nanjing 210094
arc resistance discharge interior ballistic elect rothermal light gas gun
The main objective of this article is to determine the arc resistance in the light g as elect ric generator’ s discharge chamber. Tw o dif ferent engineering methods of arc resistance calculation are presented. In the method of average resistance, the average arc resistance is determined direct ly by the experimental f it ting equat ion on the initial gas pressure, the arc resistance, the init ial density of elect rical energ y. In the method of arc channel, an arc resistance equat ion is deduced according to the characterist ic of arc, and the constants in the equat ion are determined w ith the experimental result s. These tw o methods can be used to meet different demands in the study of elect rothermal light gas gun. The parametric analysis results of 12.7 mm ET gun are presented in this paper.


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