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Robust Control for Generalized Systems with Structured Uncertainty(PDF)


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Robust Control for Generalized Systems with Structured Uncertainty
XuShengyuan QiYanxin YangChengwu
School of Power Engineering,NUST,Nanjing 210094
generalized systems structured uncertainty robust cont rol
This paper is concerned w ith the problems of robust stability analysis and robust cont rol for generalized systems w ith st ructured uncertainty. The aim is to derive condit ions for robust stability and the existence of robust state feedback control laws for such systems, respect ively. By using propert ies of matrix measures, a new method is proposed to analyze robust stability. It is show n that the proposed robust stability condit ion ensures that the autonomous generalized system is regular, impulse-f ree as w ell as stable for all admissible uncertaint ies. From this, a suff icient condition for the existence of robust control law via state feedback is obtained; a numerical example of robust stability analysis is also g iven.


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