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On Multiple Impacts of Two-layered Sleeves(PDF)


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On Multiple Impacts of Two-layered Sleeves
YinXiaochun WangXiaochun WangLiangguoYang
School of Sciences, NUST, Nanjing 210094
collisions st ress w aves tube-in-tube st ructures g aps
Mult iple impacts of tw o-layered sleeves are invest igated by the theory of w ave propagation. The numerical analyses for dif ferent st ructural sizes and clearances display the effect s of multiple impacts on interface impact pressures, dynamic st resses and responses. The relat ionship between the response f requency and clearance is discussed. The numerical results show that the interfance impact pressure varies sharply and the st resses in higher f requencies may be caused by multiple impact s. The change of the clearance on the impact response may result in sudden chang es of main f requency of the impact system in some values of the clearance.


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