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Study of a New Fuse Power Generated by Air Quaking in Ballistics(PDF)


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Study of a New Fuse Power Generated by Air Quaking in Ballistics
YangYichun ZhaoZhijiang
School of Mechanics,NUST,Nanjing 210094
pow er supply fuzes trajectories ballist ic
T his paper t ried to study a new kind of fuse pow er g enerated by air-quaking during the bullet f lying. Propert ies of the air quaking of main models w ere analyzed. It is believed that the shock wave is the main noise source, and the adhesive pressure rise and fall w ith a small pow er source can be used to generate elect ricity directly, both tw o kinds of air quaking can be used as main pow er source for the fuse pow er device. T he st ructure of the new pow er device was designed w ith a diversion device. On the basis of detecting w aveform, f requency and other parameters of the signal generated by this simulated power device by means of w ing tunnel experiment , it w as demonstrated that this pow er device could be used in the radio fuse to make elect ricity. A structure desig n of the pow er device w as pretented.


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