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The Optimization of the Signal to clutter Polarization Scattering Matrix(PDF)


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The Optimization of the Signal to clutter Polarization Scattering Matrix
ShiXiangquan DuYinggang
School of Electronic Engineering and Optoelectronic Technology,NUST,Nanjing 210094
polarization opt imal solut ion echo SCR PSM
It is discussed in the paper how to get the opt imal polarimetric state of the transmit ting and receiving antennas w hen the SCR ( the ratio of signa-l to-clut ter) is max imum no mat ter w hether the Jones polarizat ion scat tering mat rix es ( PSM) of the echo signals and clutters are symmet ric or not. T he solution w ith the detailed processing and corresponding simulat ion data is presented based on the former work. With the algorithm, the Jones PSM can be transformed to be symmetric. T he numeric simulation verifies the algorithm.


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