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A Knowledge Based Algorithm for Online Cursive Chinese Character Recognition(PDF)


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A Knowledge Based Algorithm for Online Cursive Chinese Character Recognition
LiHongdong LiHongsheng ① GuWeikang
Department of Information and Electronics, Zhejiang University,Hangzhou 310027)
sig nal processing pattern recognition model building handw rit ing Chinese character recognit ion know ledge-based system
This paper provides a knowledge guide online cursive Chinese character recogn-i t ion system, w here both static shape forming know ledg e and dynamic w rit ing are utilized. Every character is represented by a frame, w hich is used to store the various ty pes of know ledg e. After ex tracting of strokes, the input character is fed into an in-exact matcher to perform recognit ion. T ests on GB-80-2312 Chinese character set demonst rate the proposed algorithm to be a efficient and robust algorithm w ith high correct rate , and w ith few restrict on st roke numbers, w riting orders , and shape variat ions.


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