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Control of Chaotic Systems Based on Directing Orbits and Controllable Target(PDF)


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Control of Chaotic Systems Based on Directing Orbits and Controllable Target
LuJunguo WangXiaofan WangZhiquan
Department of Automation,NUST, Nanjing 210094
control stabilizat ing treatment chaos
The idea of minimum-t ime opt imal control is applied to chaot ic orbit target ing. Based on a combinat ion of chaotic orbit target ing w ith a stabilizat ion method for unstable per-i odic orbit via cont rollable target , a new method for cont rolling discrete chaot ic systems is proposed. The cont rol method consists of f irst direct ing the orbit of the g iven chaot ic system from a g iven init ial point to the cont rollable target by using minimum-time optimal control, and then applying the appropriate close-loop control to stabilize the given chaot ic system.Henon system is used as an illustration to discuss the important issues including the length of the t ransient before reaching the cont rollable target and the effect of noise, and to demonstrates the ef fectiveness of the proposed method.


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