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Heterogeneous Oxidation Kinetics of Calcium Sulphite(PDF)


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Heterogeneous Oxidation Kinetics of Calcium Sulphite
School of Chemical Engineering,NUST,Nanjing 210094
f lue g as desul furizat ion kinet ics equat ions heterogeneous oxidation calcium sulphite
The heterogeneous ox idat ion kinetics of calcium sulphite in aqueous slurries of spray dry scrubber residues w as studied in a pilot plant under typical condit ions of wet flue gas desulphurizat ion. The observed rate of sulphite oxidation accompanying oxy gen absorpt ion w as found to be 1st order in oxyg en and of the 0th or 0. 75th order in sulphite concentrat ion, respect ively, depending on dif ferent reaction cont rolling steps. T he effect of pH on the observed rate of sulphite oxidat ion w as weak. The oxidation rate increased w ith MnSO4 addition. During the ox-i dat ion of spray dry scrubber residues, SO2 emission has not been observed.


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