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A Study of Effective Application of Composite Materials in Cylinder(PDF)


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A Study of Effective Application of Composite Materials in Cylinder
QianLinfang YuHai
School of Mechanics,NUST,Nanjing 210094
composite material thick-walled cylinder pressure vessel effect ive applicat ion of composite materials
Composite materials are being used to solve an ever-increasing variety of eng-i neering problems. One applicat ion is found in a f ilament-w ound fiber composite to st rengthen cylindrical structures. The ef fective application of composite materials in cylinder is studied in the paper on the basis of the theoretical model of the stat ic rigid st rength and dy namic characterist ic analysis of the cylinder st ructure, in considerat ion of rigid st rength and dynamic characterist ic requirement s, by a chang e of w inding angles and ply sequences, and by use of T300 and S2 hybrid composite materials. Some w orkable conclusions w ere draw n on the basis of thickness and angle opt imization.


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