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Angular Super-resolution for Real Aperture Radars(PDF)


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Angular Super-resolution for Real Aperture Radars
ShengWeixing FangDagang YangZhenglong LiZhan
School of Electronic Engineering and Optoelectronic Technology,NUST,Nanjing 210094
high-resolution radar radar antennas phased array radar angular superresolut ion
Ang ular resolut ion of a real aperture radar is limited by the beam w idth of the radar antenna. Techniques for resolut ion enhancement beyond the limitat ion are called angular superresolut ion techniques. In this paper, three angular super-resolution methods for real aperture radar are review ed, including the deconvolut ion method, the phase w eight ing method and the ang le w eighting method. Performance comparison of dif ferent methods is carried out. Numerical simulation shows that the deconvolut ion method is valid only w hen signa-l to-noise rat io ( SNR) is higher than 30 dB; how ever, the phase w eight ing method and the ang le w eight ing method can achieve bet ter super-resolut ion performance even w hen SNR is low er than 15 dB. T he essent ials of the azimuth super-resolution technique f rom the view point of informat ion are also discussed. Based upon these essent ials, the possible ways of realizing angular super-resolut ion are proposed.


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