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A Study on Formation of the Unstructured Adaptive Grid with Moving Boundaries(PDF)


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A Study on Formation of the Unstructured Adaptive Grid with Moving Boundaries
WuDehong ZhengLi GengJihui LiHongzhi
School of Power Engineering,NUST,Nanjing 210094
grids rectif icat ion of distortion adapt iv ity unst ructured grid moving boundaries Delaunay method
During simulat ion of flows w ith moving boundaries, grid deformation caused by mov ing boundaries w ill have signif icant effect on t ime step and precision. This paper prov ides a method to correct the deformed grids. After some grid generat ion methods are discussed, i. e. the advancing f ront method and the Delaunay method, the process of 2-dimensional grid generation by using automat ic point creat ion Delaunay method and g rid adapt ivity is presented. Then the problem of g rid deformation for t ransient compressible f low s w ith mov ing boundaries is feasibly solved by using a grid regenerat ion technique.


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