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Simultaneous Removal of SO2 and NOX with Regenerable Ferrous Cysteine Solution(PDF)


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Simultaneous Removal of SO2 and NOX with Regenerable Ferrous Cysteine Solution
ZhongQin LuZhe ChenQianqiao
School of Chemical Engineering,NUST,Nanjing 210094
f lue gas desulfurizat ion cysteine regenerable f lue gas denit rif izat ion jet bubbling reactor
Simultaneous removal of SO2 and NOX w ith regenerable ferrous cysteine solution w as investigated in a jet bubbling reactor. The experimental results show that in alkaline med-i um, ferrous cysteine solution absorbs NO to form nitrosyl ferrous chelates, and the cysteine ( CySH) is oxidized into cyst ine ( CySSCy) , and the absorped of NO is reduced to yield N2. CySSCy can be converted back to CySH by SO2 in f lue gas, thus making possible the recycling of the react ions of remov al of SO2 and NOX w ith cysteine solution. T he eff iciency of NOX removal is affected by pH value of the absorption solut ion and the concent rat ion of Fe( CyS) 2. T his process can be described w ith the model of mass t ransfer. Above 82. 3 % of NOX removal and above 94. 4 % of SO2 removal can be simultaneously obtained by cont rolling the temperature at 55 ℃ and pH= 7.


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