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The Microstructure Changes of W Phase in W-Fe Alloys During Ball Milling(PDF)


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The Microstructure Changes of W Phase in W-Fe Alloys During Ball Milling
WuQiang WangHengzhi ShiLianjie
Department of Materials Science and Engineering,NUST,Nanjing 210094
ball mill amorphous alloys st ructure parameters W- Fe alloys ball mill amorphous materials nanocrystalline
Ball milling is a new process for making nanocrystalline materials. In recent years ball milling has been further applied to amorphous materials. Based on the ball milling w orks about W50Fe50 alloy , the W- Fe alloys of wider composit ion w ere studied systemat ically. It is found that the latt ice parameter of W- Fe alloys keeps invariability before 400 h milling and amorphous state can also be reached in W- Fe alloys after 400 h milling. W- Fe alloy of any composition can be milled into nanocrystalline and the plast ic deformat ion mechanics before 400 h milling is quite dif frerent f rom that after 400 h milling.


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