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The Application of Monte Carlo Method in Simulating Light Propagation in Complex Biological-tissue(PDF)


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The Application of Monte Carlo Method in Simulating Light Propagation in Complex Biological-tissue
LiZhenhua XuXiaodong HeAnzhi
School of Science,NUST,Nanjing 210094
laser biology absorpt ion scattering numerical simulat ion
In considerat ion of the special opt ical propert ies of biologica-l tissues, this paper introduces the Monte Carlo method to simulate the light propagat ion and distribut ion in such medium. On the basis of fundamental principles of stat istical optics, the light fluences as a funct ion of depth z in single and mult-i layered biologica-l tissues are obtained. Calculat ion results are consistent w ith those reported in the latest literature. The results verif ied that the Monte Carlo method is an effect ive tool to deal w ith problems of light propagat ion in complex biological t issues.


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