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The Problem of Few Bodies with Variable Mass and Its Application(PDF)


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The Problem of Few Bodies with Variable Mass and Its Application
ZhengXuetang YuLizhong ZhuWenyao①
School of Sciences,NUST,Nanjing 210094)
comet orbital element s dynamics problem of few bodies w ith variable mass nongravitat ional effect
On the basis of Meshcherskii equation, the problem of few bodies w ith variable mass has been studied and its analyt ic solution has been also given by method of small parameter. Applying the results obtained in this paper to the motion of comet s, discuss the nongrav itat ional effect on the orbit of some comets. It is pointed out that the nong ravitational effect w ill cause the secular and periodic v ariat ion of orbital elements a et al. The secular variation w ill obviously influence the period of comet moving around the Sun, the t ime and place of comet passing perihelion. Therefore the nongravitational effect should be considered in calculat ion of orbits of comets and in discussion of their dynamical evolut ion. Finally, also calculate nong ravitational effect on the orbit of comet Encke.


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