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Regions with Tree Relationships Segmented on Shape Features Matching for Image Retrieval(PDF)


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Regions with Tree Relationships Segmented on Shape Features Matching for Image Retrieval
QianXiaofeng YanWei ①
School of Mechanical Engineering,NUAA,Nanjing ,210016)
image retrieval matching t ree content-based hierarchical relat ionships
An algorithm for color imag e retrieval by regions with hierarchical t ree relationships matching is presented. First segment an image into several reg ions w ith relationship t ree st ructure in the degree presented beforehand based on shape features. Then by combining the informat ion of the relat ionship tree st ructure and color histogram of the regions images can be retrieved more accurately. The response t ime of ret rieval is st rongly reduced by two rough filter condit ions set in the algorithm. Fundamental geomet ry t ransformat ion, such as move, rotat ion, scale, of the object s in images does not affect ret rieval results by using the algorithm. The eff iciency of retrieval by using this alg orithm is hig hly increased compared w ith that of retrieval by using normal color histogram matching as show n by the ret rieval experiment s w ith real image database.


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