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Research Achievement of Microbubble Drag Reduction(PDF)


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Research Achievement of Microbubble Drag Reduction
YangYuwang SunSicheng WangZenggang
School of Mechanics,NUST,Nanjing 210094
microbubble drag reduct ion turbulent flow boundary layer
This paper int roduces mechanism, research methods and main results about m-i crobubble dray reduct ion. Based on theoret ical analysis, microbubble drag reduction is due to st ructure change of turbulent boundary layer caused by the microbubbles. Ex periments test ify microbubble drag reduct ion for turbulent boundary lay er, as well as bubble size, main f low velocity , etc. af fecting the reduct ion; w ith proper f low field model, turbulent model and difference scheme, numerical methods simulate the effect of boundary layer and bubble numbers on dray reduction. Coinciding conclusion is obtained throug h these methods, and this provides strong background for further engineering application of microbubble drag reduct ion.


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