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A Wavelet Watermarking Method Based on HVS(PDF)


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A Wavelet Watermarking Method Based on HVS
ZhuXiaosong MaoYaobin DaiYuewei WangZhiquan
Department of Automation,NUST,Nanjing 210094
digital w atermark image fusion visual system robustness w avelet transform
Based on a model of the human visual system ( HVS) , a novel approach is for presented for stat ic image w atermarking in this paper by employ ing mult iresolut ion fusion techniques of the image. Any kind of image w atermark in the host image can be embedded, and the original unmarked image is required to ex tract the w atermark. The availability of the ex tracted w atermark is evaluated by comparing the normalized correlat ion coeff icient of the ex tracted w atermark w ith the true one. Ex perimental result s show hig h robustness of the approach to most of the processing techniques such as blur, sharpen, addit ive noise JPEG compression, etc.


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