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The Disposal of Flue Gas Foul Pollution from the Combustion of Tobacco Stem(PDF)


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The Disposal of Flue Gas Foul Pollution from the Combustion of Tobacco Stem
School of Chemical Engineering,NUST,Nanjing 210094
f lue g as deodorizat ion dust remov al tobacco stem
The product ion of tobacco can produce stem. One of the disposal methods is the incinerat ion of stem w ith boiler, but the composit ion of the flue gas is very complex and causes foul pollut ion. The flue g as deodorizat ion w ith the process of w et absorpt ion and liquid phase ox idat ion w as investigated in a ful-l scale equipment. T he test results show that some toxic components in f lue gas react w ith the slurry absorbent and produce salt-compound, H2O and CO2. Absorbed components are oxidized by ClO2 in liquid phase, and react ion products are CO2 and H2O. T he ef ficiency of deodorant and dust removal is 85. 7 % and 98. 9 % , respect ively. The emitted concentrations of odor and dust reach nat ional emission standards.


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