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Robust H~∞ Control for Linear Time-delay Systems with Norm-bounded Nonlinear Uncertainties(PDF)


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Robust H~∞ Control for Linear Time-delay Systems with Norm-bounded Nonlinear Uncertainties
ShaoXijun YangChengwu
School of Power Engineering,NUST,Nanjing 210094
robust control non-linear time-lag systems quadrat ically stabilizable H ∞cont rol
T his paper studies the robust cont rol of a class of uncertain time-delay system w ith linear nominal part s and norm-bounded nonlinear uncertainties in the state equation. The results show that the above problem can be converted to a robust cont rol for a related t ime-delay system w ith norm-bounded linear uncertainty and thus a linear memoryless state feedback cont rol law is desig ned by solving an algebraic Riccat i equat ion, the state feedback control law can ensure above systems quadrat ically stabilizable w ith an H ∞-norm bound.


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