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Robust Control of Nonlinear System in the Absence of Matching Assumptions(PDF)


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Robust Control of Nonlinear System in the Absence of Matching Assumptions
LiLinlin ZhaoChangan YangGuojun
School of Astronautics, Harbin Institute of Technology, Harbin 150001
mismatching uncertain systems non-linear systems’Lyapunov. s method robust cont rol input / output feedback linearizat ion
The robust stabilization of a class of uncertain nonlinear system is invest igated in this paper. Here, the uncertainty does not need to sat isfy the convent ional matching condition. T he required uncertainty informat ion in the system is merely that the uncertaint ies are bounded in Euclidean norm by a known funct ion of the system state. Applied input / output feedback linearizat ion approach, the nonlinear system is t ransformed into partial linear and controllable system first . T hen, based on Lyapunov direct method, a design method of continuous robust stab-i lizat ion controller is proposed. The designed cont roller guarantees that the state of the obtained closed-loop system is uniformly ultimately bounded. Moreover, the given cont roller is easy to compute and complement. Simulat ion show s that the method presented is available and effect ive.


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