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Robust Satisfactory Control for Stochastic Discrete Linear Systems(PDF)


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Robust Satisfactory Control for Stochastic Discrete Linear Systems
QianLongjun ShengAndong GuoZhi
Department of Automation,NUST,Nanjing 210094
st ructural uncertainty linear mat rix inequalities pole placement steady output covariance
The st ructural uncertaint ies in different system matrices of stochastic discrete linear systems are described in a new form, in w hich the uncertainty are determined by irrelated disturbance parameters. A method is proposed to design sat isfactory robust cont rollers with the linear mat rix inequality( LMI) technique so that the closed loop systems at tain prescribed sector pole placement and steady output covariance specif icat ions. The satisfactory cont roller design problem can be completely t ransformed to solut ion of the LMIs w ithout manual intervening in choosing parameters. An ex ample is taken to demonstrate its effectiveness.


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