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A Study on Smurf Attack and Its Countermeasures(PDF)


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A Study on Smurf Attack and Its Countermeasures
XuYonghong ZhangKun YangYun LiuFengyu
Department of Computer Science and Technology,NUST,Nanjing 210094
denial of serv ice Smurf at tack network security
Smurf at tack is one common method among distributed denial of serviceattacks. U t ilizing the bugs of TCP/ IP protocol together w ith spoofed IP address and ICMP echo, this at tack method produces large amount of data packets, w hich w ill lead to serious network congestion and resource consuming. Then, the at tacked system w ill deny service for leg al user. By analyzing the principles of Smurf attack, this paper proposes the detect ion method and defense technology of this at tack.


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