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The Simulation System for the Local Path Planning of the Autonomous Vehicle(PDF)


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The Simulation System for the Local Path Planning of the Autonomous Vehicle
ZhaoChunxia TangZhenmin LuJianfeng YangJingyu LiuChuancai
Department of Computer Science and Technology,NUST,Nanjing 210094
simulat ion system path planning mixed simulat ion autonomous vehicles
Research on Autonomous Land Vehicle( ALV) is a main subject now adays. Because the vehicle w orks in the complex outdoor environment, it is very important to study and manipulate the simulat ion system. The mix ed virtual reality simulat ion structure for the local path planning of the autonomous vehicles in the outdoor unst ructured environment was introduced. T he system consist s of the 2- D simulat ion based on real environment , algorithm t racing and debugging system, and the 3- D virtual simulat ion system. It is carried out by Visual C + + 6. 0 for the study of the algorithm. By combinat ion of real data f rom the real system w ith the virtual simulat ion system, a much bet ter simulat ion environment can be supplied for the study and development of autonomous vehicles.


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