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Synthesis of New Dinuclear Complexes of a Macrocyclic Ligand with Multi-ligating Pendant-arms(PDF)


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Synthesis of New Dinuclear Complexes of a Macrocyclic Ligand with Multi-ligating Pendant-arms
LuoYuanxiang LuLude HanQiaofeng QianMing YangXujie WangXin
School of Chemical Engineering,NUST,Nanjing 210094
Schif f base 2- acetylpyridine macrocyclic complex
A series of new dinuclear macrocyclic complexes have been synthesized by [ 2+ 2] Schif-f base condensat ion betw een sodium 2, 6- diformyl- 4- chlorphenolate w ith the reduced 1B1 Schif f base of t ris( 2- aminoethyl) amine and 2- acetylpyridine in the presence of M(ClO4) 2· 6H2O ( M = Mn 2+ , Cd 2+ , Zn 2+ , Cu 2+ ) . T hese complexes have been characterized by elemental analyses and inf rared spect ra. The result s show that the ex pected complexes are obtained. Both arms of these complexes are on the same side of the macrocy cle. T he macrocyclic ligand of fered dif ferent coordination environments. For the Mn 2+ complex, one Mn 2+ is located in a geometry of a distorted octahedron ( six-coordinated) , another Mn 2+ is located in a g eomet ry of a capped distorted octahedron ( seven-coordinated) . It is proposed that each Cd 2+ is located in a geomet ry of a distorted octahedron, w hile Zn 2+ and Cu 2+ are located in distortedoctahedral or square-pyramidal geomet ries.


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