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The Information Fusion and Trejectory Planning System for Autonomous Ground Vehicle(PDF)


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The Information Fusion and Trejectory Planning System for Autonomous Ground Vehicle
TangZhenmin ZhaoChunxia SunHuaijiang LuJianfeng YangJingyu
Department of Computer Science and Technology,NUST,Nanjing 210094
robot informat ion fusion t rajectory planning autonomous ground vehicle
Due to the variety of tactical missions and the complexity of warfare environments, the autonomous ground vehicle ( AGV) , as a mobile plat form for the intelligent ground w eapon, should be provided with well mobile characterist ic and the intelligent characteristic based on the information fusion and trajectory planning w ith mult-i sensors. The AGV kernel—— the system of information fusion and trajectory planning was int roduced summarily, and some typical testing data results correlative with the system was show n also. The results revealed that the system was w ell enough to handle diversiform real road conditions and environments.


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