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A New Architecture of Stewart Based Machine Tools(PDF)


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A New Architecture of Stewart Based Machine Tools
ZhangLong ZhangYouliang WangXiaoli
School of Mechanical Engineering,NUST,Nanjing 210094
machine tools st ructural design dynamics
This article puts forw ard a new architecture of virtual axis machine tools on the basis of the analysis of the current researches and development of the virtual axis machine tools. The structural features and performances of the new machines are under discussion, and the working envelope, platform orientation angle, precision and characteristics of forces of the new machines are analyzed. With application of the dynamic-stat ic force principle and the virtua-l displacement principle, the dynamic equations of the architecture of the machine are established. Considering the situation that moving platform moves in a circle line on the horizontal plane, applying the modified Gauss-Seidel digital algorithm, the dynamical performances are extracted, finally the simulat ing solut ions curves are drawn.


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