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The Spectrum of Linear Chirped and Apodized OFBG and of Uniform OFBG(PDF)


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The Spectrum of Linear Chirped and Apodized OFBG and of Uniform OFBG
LuXiaoqin LiZhenhua WangHailin HeAnzhi
School of Sciences,NUST,Nanjing 210094
opt ical w aveguide f iber optical grat ing couple mode chirp
This paper theoret ically studied on the reflect ion spect rum of linear chirped Gauss apodized OFBG ( opt ical fiber Bragg grat ing ) and of uniform OFBG, found that the apodized function can smooth the ref lect ion spectrum, increasing the chirp coefficient can broader the ref lect ion bandw idth, but at the same t ime reduced the maximum ref lect ivity . Using this rule guide us to fabricate the suitable OFBG. In addit ion, under w eak condit ions( K 0 < 1 ) , the amplitude reflection of a uniform OFBG is analyzed. The spect rum has a characteristic of sa( x ) shape. Base on this, the paper proposed an assume to use w eak OFBG as matched opt ical filter.


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