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Effects of Injection Structure on Combustion Stability in Liquid Propellant Gun(PDF)


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Effects of Injection Structure on Combustion Stability in Liquid Propellant Gun
YuYonggang ZhouYanhuang LiuDongyao LuXin
School of Power Engineering,NUST,Nanjing 210094
liquid propellant guns inject ion st ructure combust ion stability pressure oscillation
T he cont rol technology of combust ion stability is one of key technolog y of regenerat ive liquid propellant guns. The ef fects of exterior ring and interior ring injection st ructure on combust ion stability are studied in 23 mm RLPG experimental device. The causes of unstable ignition and combust ion propert ies are analy zed in RLPG w ith exterior ring injection st ructure. It presents that using liquid damping can control the movement of piston w ith interior ring injection structure. The test s show that pressure oscillat ions of reservo ir and combustion chamber in 23mm RLPG are suppressed and the combust ion stability increases.


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