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Dynamic Characteristics of Magnetorheological Dampers(PDF)


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Dynamic Characteristics of Magnetorheological Dampers
WangJiong HuangWenliang LuJing
School of Mechanical Engineering,NUST,Nanjing 210094
magnetorheological fluid magnetorheolog ical dampers dynamic characterist ics
Magnetorheological ( MR) fluids are suspensions of mag net ic part icles and add-i t ives in carrier liquids. The MR dampers have advantages of compactness, low power requirement s, w ide dynamic ranges and fast react ion. The damping forces of MR dampers can be cont rolled w ith a changing magnet ic field. Based on MR fluid dynamics, the theory of magnetic field and circuit design and mechanics of MR damper, the dynamic model of MR damper parameters is made for desig n purposes. By using the numerical model, the dynamic characterict ics curves of MR dampers are obtained. T he numerical results are compared w ith experimental data. The results can be used as reference for MR damper design and engineering applicat ion.


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