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An Algorithm of Carrier Frequency Estimation of QAM Signals(PDF)


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An Algorithm of Carrier Frequency Estimation of QAM Signals
WangJianxin FuRui
School of Electronic Engineering and Optoelectronic Technology,NUST,Nanjing 210094
dig ital communications quadrature amplitude modulat ion carrier f requency deviat ion estimat ion
This paper presents an est imat ion algorithm for the carrier frequency dev iation of quadrature amplitude modulat ion signals. The received data is first multiplied by the aided data, and then the f requency deviat ion informat ion is ext racted by the sel-f correlat ion of result ing data. The frequency deviat ion est imat ion can be obtained from the phase increment of the sel-f correlat ion sequence. A w eight sequence is used to improve the est imat ion accuracy. T he algorithm features the large est imat ion rang e for carrier frequency deviation and high est imation accuracy . The simulat ion results show that its frequency dev iation estimation range is up to±40 % of the symbol rate and its accuracy is close to CRB( Cramer-Rao Bound) .


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