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Application of CPPFC Technique in Electronic Ballasts for High Intensity Discharge Lamp(PDF)


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Application of CPPFC Technique in Electronic Ballasts for High Intensity Discharge Lamp
WangWei SuQin XuDianguo
Department of Electrical Engineering, Harbin Institute of Technology, Harbin 150001
charge pump high intensitys discharge lamp hig h pressure sodium lamps elect ronic ballasts power factor correct ion
Tw o-pow er-stage power-factor-correct ion converter can be simplif ied to sing lestag e one w ith the development of charge pump pow er factor correct ion( CPPFC) . This paper invest igates the applicat ion of cont inuous input current CPPFC techniques in hig h intensity discharge lamp elect ronic ballast, w hich can decrease the component count and lower the cost. A dynamic model of high pressure sodium(HPS) lamp is proposed for further study of characterist ics of electronic ballast s w ith dif ferent pow er. Experiment and simulat ion results verify the feasibility of HPS lamp operat ing at high f requency. It is show n that the presented electronic ballast has 0. 97 pow er factor and 12% total harmonic distortion.


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