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Experimental Research on Underwater Gun’s Dynamics(PDF)


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Experimental Research on Underwater Gun’s Dynamics
ChenJing WangChangming ①
School of Mechanical Engineering,Yangzhou University,Yangzhou 225002)
underw ater guns dynamics ex perimental equipment sensors measuring systems
To probe into the gas chamber pressure. s w orking law of gas-operated underw ater guns and the influence of w ater resistance on the automatic mechanisms. characterist ics of mot ion, a set of experimental equipment w as designed. In the experimental equipment, a moving part simulated a f irearm bolt . A set of gas regulat ing device adjusted the recoiling energy of the mov ing part by changing the size of gas-operated hole. The drainage pores in the receiver reduced the recoiling resistance of the moving part. Some specia-l purpose sensors, e. g. st rain pressure-measuring sensors, induct ion speed-measuring sensors, w ere mounted in the experimental equipment. T hese sensors and other measuring inst ruments const ituted dynamic measuring systems. After a large number of experiments, the velocity of the mov ing part , the pressure of cart ridge chamber and gas chamber, and the initial velocity of bullets w ere measured respectively. T he results of data analysis show that w ater resistance dramatically reduces the recoiling velocity of the moving part, and the gas chamber pressure varies w ith the propellant mass of experimental cartridges, the init ial volume of cart ridge chamber and the size of the g as-operated hole. The conclusions prov ide reference for the dynamic analysis of underw ater guns.


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