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Study of Flight/Thrust Control System Using H∞ Synthesis in Carrier Landing System(PDF)


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Study of Flight/Thrust Control System Using H∞ Synthesis in Carrier Landing System
YuYong YangYidong Dai
College of Automation Engineering,Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics,Nanjing
carrier-based aircraft flight/ thrust system linear matrix inequality∞ control
In this paper, the flight / thrust integ rated cont rol system ( FT ICS) with con stantα d , actual angle of at tack, using LMI-based H ∞ synthesis is developed. The FTICS de signed can improve the key performances of dynamic tracking and air wake disturbance rest rain ing and keep att itude and path angle constant even during the airplane passing through the ramp where the t racking radar doesn’ t w ork and the guidance sig nal is terminated. In view of eng ineering realization the H∞ controller order reduct ion method is also proposed. T he simula t ion result s indicate the new ly designed FTICS can satisfy the design specificat ions very w ell.


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