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Experiment Investigation of Unsteady Wall Interference to Model Pitching in Large Angle of Attack(PDF)


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Experiment Investigation of Unsteady Wall Interference to Model Pitching in Large Angle of Attack
HuangDa WuGenxing
Department of Aerodynamics,Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics,Nanjing 210016
wind tunnel test delta wing unsteady aerodynamic unsteady wall pressure wind tunnel wall interference
The wall interference is investigated in a 3 m low speed wind tunnel using three delta wings with the different sizes and the similar figuration pitching in large angle of attack. The unsteady aerodynamic and moment characteristics of the models and the unsteady wall pressure are measured. It is indicated that the wall interference has some affects on the unsteady aerodynamic and moment characteristics, but does not affect the reliability of measurement to the moment characterist ic of the model. By the way, it can be found that the unsteady wall pressure forms a hysteresis loop just like the unsteady aerodynamic, and the big the model is, the larger of the hysteresis loop will be. Comparied the result of unsteady aerodynamic, it can be shown that the amount of wall interference correcting is about 8. 7% for the model of 6. 87% block coefficient.


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