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Propelling Charge and Modular Charge Systems for the Extended Firing Range(PDF)


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Propelling Charge and Modular Charge Systems for the Extended Firing Range
School of Chemical Engineering,NUST,Nanjing 210094
gun propellant s propelling charge modular charge systems muzzle velocity chamber pressure b-i modular charg e systems unimodular charge systems
This paper presents a 155 mm artillery charge system designed by the author. T he propelling charge system uses highly prog ressive gun propellant compositions and geomet ries, a charge w ith low-temperature coeff icient for pressure, and a pressure-compensat ing charge that increases pressure for the lower zones. The 155 mm art illery charge system, a Highly Pow erful Propelling Charge System ( HPPCS) , has been developed w ith increased muzzle velocity of 945~ 960 m/ s for 45- 23- 155 mm how it zer. HPPCS is fully interoperable w ith all 39- 18- 155 mm, 45- 23- 155 mm, 52- 23- 155 mm ballist ic systems. T here are tw o ballistic options for the HPPCS. The f irst one is to achieve a muzzle velocity of 945 m/ s w ith the ERFB projectile for 45- 23- 155 mm how itzer, and the second one is to increase muzzle velocity to 960 m/ s. For both options, the b-i modular and the unimodular charge systems are employed. Firing results and numerical simulat ion show complete agreement in veloc-i ty, max pressure, and temperature coefficient.


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