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A Novel Compact Microstrip Monopulse Antenna Array(PDF)


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A Novel Compact Microstrip Monopulse Antenna Array
Fang Dagang Chen Xiaoguang Sheng Weixing WangHao
School of Electronic Engineering and Optoelectronic Technology,NUST,Nanjing 210094
microst rip antenna array monopulse antenna monopulse comparators
A novel compact microst rip monopulse antenna array w ith cross type comparator has been proposed and designed. This array is composed of four 8 ×8 microst rip antenna subar rays w ith uniform amplitude dist ribut ion. The comparator and the antenna array are located on the same layer result ing in the advantages of being simple, compact, easy manufacturing and low cost . T he good ag reement betw een the ex perimental result s and the theoretical simulat ions on the vert ical sum and difference patterns show s that the design of the comparator is success ful. T his comparator may also be used in the low side lobe level array w ith the corresponding current dist ribution. Both analysis and ex periments also show that this array possesses the w ider frequency bandw idth than that of the convent ional one.


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