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Expansion Characteristics of Transient Plasma Jet in Liquid(PDF)


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Expansion Characteristics of Transient Plasma Jet in Liquid
ZhouYanhuang LiuDongyao YuYonggang
School of Power Engineering,NUST,Nanjing 210094
plasma jet electrothermal propulsion fast framing camera Taylor cavity
The expansion characterist ics and ex pansion processes of arc plasma jet in liquid are studied by means of fast-f raming camera system. From the analysis of the fast-framing pictures, the influence of discharging power and nozzle st ructure on the st ructural characters of plasma jet and the ax ial and radial expansion velocit ies of T aylor cav ity are discussed. The f ront expansion velocities of Taylor cavity measured in this paper are in good agreement w ith the result s of the former’ s, but several new discoveries about the structure of plasma jet are presented in this paper. There is a dist inct dark area betw een tw o-phase f luids, and the Taylor Cavity shows discont inuity in the expansion process.


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