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Version-oriented Batch Customized ERP Product and Implementation Service(PDF)


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Version-oriented Batch Customized ERP Product and Implementation Service
XueHengxin HuangHuijun DuYao Zhang Chuncheng BaoWenbin
School of Economics and Management,NUST,Nanjing 210094
enterprise resource planning implementation serv ice batch customizat ion key techniques version oriented sel-f help
Start ing w ith the w idely concerned problem of the low success rate of Enterprise Resource Planning ( ERP) Systems’ implementation in China, it is pointed out that the main causes are not on the side of enterprises implement ing ERP, but on softw are product providers and solution implementat ion providers. By making an intensive investigat ion on the evolution of enterprise management application sof tw are MRPII/ ERP, a theory is proposed that the evolut ion of management sof tw are and its implementat ion service can be div ided into three stages: case-oriented project , version-oriented parameter conf igurat ion and version-oriented sel-f help. T he characterist ics, problems and solutions to the three stages are analyzed. T he condit ions of version-oriented sel-f help stage are emphasized.A novel view point of version-oriented batch customized ERP product and implementat ion service is systemat ically put forw ard. The key techniques involved in the realizat ion of the view point are discussed.


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