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Numerical Simulation of Shock Wave-induced Motion of a Cylinder(PDF)


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Numerical Simulation of Shock Wave-induced Motion of a Cylinder
TanJunjie ZhangJun GengJihui
School of Power Engineering,NUST,Nanjing 210094
moving boundary HLLC method shock w aves numerical simulation unst ructured grids
The motion of a cylinder induced by shock w aves is numerically simulated in this art icle. A numerical treatment is proposed to deal w ith moving boundaries. T he explicit f inite volume method based on unstructured adaptive meshes is employed to solve Euler Equations. Seriously deformed grids in the vicinity of a moving object are handled by using a local mesh regenerat ion method. The HLLC method is adopted to cope w ith the moving boundary cond-i t ions. Flow s around a static cylinder and around a moving cylinder in a stat ic flow f ield are ca-l culated to validate the proposed numerical treatment . T he numerical result s indicate that the HLLC method is feasible to deal with moving boundary.


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