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Study of Laser-generated Transient Lamb Wave by Experiment and Numerical Simulation(PDF)


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Study of Laser-generated Transient Lamb Wave by Experiment and Numerical Simulation
NiXiaowu ChenXiao XuBoqiang XuRongqing ShenZhonghua LuJian
School of Sciences,NUST,Nanjing 210094
Lamb w ave opt ical deflection method f inite element method ablat ion model
In order to study the generat ion and propagation characteristics of laser-generated Lamb wave in a solid plate, this paper presents the fiber-coupled optical deflect ion method to detect and to further discuss the detection principle in detail. Besides, based on the ablation model, the development of t ransient Lamb is simulated by the f inite element method. The result s of the numerical simulat ion are in good agreement w ith laser Lamb w aveforms detected in experiment. This detection technique has a great potent ial in laser ult rasonic.


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