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Studies on the Process Optimization in the Treatment of Sludge Dewatering Using Cationic Flocculant PDA(PDF)


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Studies on the Process Optimization in the Treatment of Sludge Dewatering Using Cationic Flocculant PDA
ZhangYuejun GuXuefang ① DongYuegang
School of Chemical Engineering, NUST,Nanjing 210094)
dimethyldially lammonium chloride acrymide cat ionic flocculant dewatering of sludge process opt imizat ion
It is reported in this paper that the applicat ion process of cat ionic flocculant PDA w as optimized in the t reatment of sludge dew atering in municipal sew age. Using the CODCr v alue and transmit tance of upper layer liquid and the demension and w ater-containing amount of formed f locs as evaluating index , a series of dosage experiment s of flocculant PDA added into the sewages w ith different sludge concent rat ions w as carried out, and the dosage ex periments of flocculant F4 were used as a comparison. The experimental result s show ed that the opt imum adding dosages of f locculants w ere obviously related to the sludge concentrat ion in sew age, and w hen controlling the concent rat ion amounted to 1. 6% ( mass rat io, dried sludge/ sewage) , the flocculant dosages for PDA and F4 reached their minimum amounts of 0. 787 ‰ ( mass rat io, flocculant/ dried sludge) and 2. 03 ‰ , respect ively. The flocculant cost s for sludge dew atering reached their low est .


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