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Robust Fuzzy Control of Uncertain Discrete Time-delay System∞(PDF)


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Robust Fuzzy Control of Uncertain Discrete Time-delay System∞
LIU YaHU Shou-song
College of Automation Engineering, Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics,Nanjing,210016,China
uncertain systems T - S fuzzy model linear mat rix inequality discrete t ime-delay systems
A discrete Takagi-Sugeno( T- S) fuzzy model w ith t ime-delay and paramet ric uncer-tainties is defined, and the problem of the robust fuzzy cont rol for a class of uncertain discrete time-delay systems based on the fuzzy model is discussed. In terms of Lyapunov stability theo-rem, a new fuzzy robust cont roller via LMI is designed and the suf ficient condit ions for the ex-istence of fuzzy state feedback controllers are given. The robust g lobal asymptot ic stability of fuzzy closed-loop system is proved. A simulat ion ex ample is g iven to prove the effect iveness of the proposed method.


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