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High Precise and High Voltage Pulse Generator by Computer Control(PDF)


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High Precise and High Voltage Pulse Generator by Computer Control
DAN Guo 13 WU Yan-qing 2ZOU Ji-yan 1CHEN Si-ping 3
1.Institute of Power Electronics, Dalian University of Technology, Dalian 116024,China; 2.Department of Computer Science, Dalian Nationalities University 116600,China; 3.Shenzhen Anke High-tech Limited Company,Shenzhen 518067,China
high voltage pulse generator complex programmable logic device non-thermal effect
A high precise and high voltag e pulse generator made up of high-pow er IGBT and pulse t ransformer is proposed. It ut ilizes PC, MCU and Complex Programmable Logic Device ( CPLD) to generate t rigger signals. Pulse frequency, w idth and numbers of the high voltage pulse g enerator can be cont rolled by PC in some ranges. The power is very suitable for the research of non-thermal effect on pulsed electric fields, and can provide the increase and decrease of the pulse w idth by 1 .μs


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